They say organizations are organic (hence the “orga”, I guess). That’s one of those clichés that could be stapled right next to “people are organizations’ most important asset”. Except they aren’t. An asset, I mean. And if they are, that stands in direct contradiction with the organizations are organic stuff…

Dalma Systems proudly presents…

They really don’t.

We are releasing the first traineeship opportunities at Dalma Systems! Details can be found on our website, but if you would like a little more context, check out the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it and who is this for?

These are traineeships meant for enthusiastic young…

Not Great, Not Terrible Issue 2

The live humans market isn’t straightforward.

Let’s get out of the gates storming on this one: getting people to join Dalma proved an incredibly difficult and frustrating task, and that was (somewhat of) a surprise to us. While none of us are hiring specialists (whatever those may be), we are not newbies either, we’ve been involved…

Unconventional Ideas, Issue #1

Image by BC

Ever since Dalma Systems showed itself to the world we have been very open about our claimed full transparency and our “Zero Bullshit” approach to life in general. While the shift to transparency is not something new in the corporate world — plenty of other great…

Not Great, Not Terrible #1

3D printing isn’t exactly the latest news but it has matured into a very useful technology for businesses, research labs and makers at home. The prices have fallen as the accuracy and features have been progressively enhanced.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of 3D printing…

We’re making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

These last few days have been quite intense. Since we released our 1st Wave of job opportunities (fancy name for “We really need new friends. Please.”) we have been showered with lots of love. We’ll go right ahead and thank everyone who’s been applying to join Dalma Systems— the process…

(Versão em Português em baixo)

Dalma Systems home brew website is finally live and it features blurred stuff.

This will be a long text, but totally worth it (we hope).

After an initial period of incubation during which our interaction with the outside world has been close to zero, we are finally ready to let you in on some important news about Dalma…

Dalma Robotics

We make robots for moving stuff around.

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