1 Year to 1 Thousand

Dalma Robotics
2 min readFeb 1, 2022

It has been a little over a year since we, at Dalma Robotics, have tried to pay more attention to our social networks and last week we surpassed 1 thousand followers on LinkedIn!

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While at a larger scale it is certainly not a very impressive number, to us it is. It helps us understand that the extra time we have to put in, to set up cameras, design a captivating image or write a *moderately* interesting post is worth it.
We aren’t exactly videographers or proficient influencers, but we are good at what we do, which is making robots.
And as a small startup that chose to design, engineer and build Autonomous Mobile Robots from scratch, we aren’t always able to capture and publish the content of the work we do, but as we sustainably grow our team and Dalma this will certainly change.

Robots are progressively becoming better at dealing with our chaotic world. Robots are no longer only giant, blind, caged machines.
They are co-workers, collaborating and helping you do your job.
Intelligent, interactive and intelligible robots this is Dalma’s vision of the future and this is what we are working to achieve.

So for any of you that are new, here is a small outline of 2020/2021:

Now the plan for 2022 we don’t want to jinx it but a new HARP is coming, and with it, some brand new projects with some awesome companies.
Stay tuned!